Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simultaneous Inspiration

By Keith N Fisher

A great idea for a new story came into my head the other day. The premise, beginning, middle, and end lay themselves out for me while I watched the local news. Then, a few hours later, another idea popped up and I wrote it down, too.

I added those ideas to the myriad other drafts floating in my project file, many of which will never be completed. I’m just too old to write them all. Maybe I’ll bequeath them to my friends so they can write the stories in their own way.

Ideas often come to me like that. It’s how I write. I look over the drafts in my project file and see what excites me the most. The problem lies in being equally excited about more than one story at the same time.

Have you ever written a book, knowing it was given to you through some kind of inspiration? Like the idea that came to me from television news, it falls into your lap? Then, after laboring to write it correctly, you discover someone else had the same idea.

My friend complains that almost every time she starts a new story, a particular famous author writes it too. It’s almost uncanny. One of my current works lost most of it’s luster when I discovered a similar book written by a successful author and we both started writing at the same time.

Why does this happen? I wrote a song once, and then heard it on the radio. There were a few differences, but some of the phrases were exactly the same. I wondered if my lyrics had been stolen. I began to take steps to copyright my work. I even had a notary sign off on some of my songs.

The truth is, there’s something in the wind—always has been. Some call it muse. Others say there is a mystical force that governs creativity. I believe that God wants certain stories to be written so he inspires everyone. Sometimes there is more than one writer listening.

In everyone, there is a magnum opus, a life’s work that defines who we are, and what we believe in. I take comfort in making a difference in other people’s lives. I don’t always succeed, but maybe if I listen to the inspiration, and work hard, I’ll be the one who gets to write the next great book.

Good luck with your inspiration and your writing. See you next week.

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