Saturday, June 27, 2009

Agent in Old Lace

A book review by Keith Fisher

When Tristi Pinkston agreed with the rest of us to attempt a start of a critique group, I was pleased. I knew I’d learn a lot about writing, but since Tristi wrote historical fiction, I figured I’d learn more about history.

On that first day, Tristi brought the first few pages of her Secret Sisters Manuscript. Needless to say, I fell in love with her characters and thoroughly enjoy the antics of Ida Mae. After receiving a contract on the series Tristi came with a mystery/suspense that had to be edited right away. I sat in awe of Tristi’s versatility.

Because of difficulties, I didn’t get a chance to help much with her edits. So, I got to read this book fresh and I found a great story.

I’m still waiting for Secret Sisters, but Agent in Old Lace is a great snack to tide me over. Actually I liked the book. The story intrigues and delights the readers. The plot twists keep them reading, and the protagonist is fleshed out completely.

Here, read this:

. . . With the gun still in his hand, he glanced from side to side.
"Shannon!" he yelled, and for a minute she thought she’d been spotted. "This is the biggest mistake of your life!" He kept walking. "Shannon, come out," he cajoled. "We can still make it work. I’ll forgive you, and we’ll get married. "Just come out and everything will be all right."

Yes the poor guy is insane. But look at the scene. He’s got a gun. He’s threatening her with it, and he still thinks she might marry him. What a delightful situation this is. Agent in Old Lace is full of this kind of writing. I liked it. You can get a copy here or at bookstores near you. If it isn’t on the shelf ask for it.

As far as historical fiction is concerned, I’m not disappointed. I know Tristi will eventually bring some history to our group, but I enjoy Agent in Old Lace.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Promoting

By Keith Fisher

I was in the bookstore, and two things grabbed my attention. I heard an old song I used to play and sing. And I bought a book.

Thirty years ago, I spent a lot of time playing my guitar and wasting time. I didn’t foster delusions that I would be a great rock star or anything, I did play at a few weddings but other than that, I wanted to escape adulthood.

My friends and I liked to play Neil Young songs. I liked the Eagles with a few rock and rollers and obscure songwriters thrown in. Did you ever follow Hoyt Axton’s career? Anyway, I loved to play Sugar Mountain by Neil Young. I could relate. You see if you managed to stay at the carnival forever, you wouldn’t have to grow up and be responsible.

That was the song I heard at the bookstore. It wasn’t Neil Young singing, but it took me back over the years to a time when I felt the same way.

Also, I bought a copy of Cup of Comfort for New Mothers. My friend, Kim Thompson, was a contributing author and she told a touching story of when her youngest child was born in severe respiratory distress.

When I met her, Kim found out I was writing in the LDS market. She told me she wanted to try writing. I asked why she didn’t, and so she started writing. If anyone ever had natural talent she does. She brings first drafts to critique group and we’re amazed. (Some of the ladies threatened to drown her.) :) I told her she would be published before me, and she was.

Now, She stands on the brink of having her book published. Kim signed a contract with Valor Publishing Group. Her book, currently titled I’ll know You by Heart, will be released in March 2010. She will be writing under the name Kimberly Job. Keep an eye on her---she has a future in this business.

So this is my Saturday morning state of mind. I wanted to promote Kim. To let you know about the name change and give her the credit she deserves. Those of us in our critique group are very happy to rub shoulders with her.

Now, lets see, that means everyone in our group has a book published or coming out. Well, except me, but I’m working hard---won’t be long now.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learning to Cope

By Keith Fisher

"Life ain’t easy then you die." How many times have you heard that statement? I’ve heard it said in many variations. I went to a self-hypnosis seminar today and didn’t get a blog posted. What a great experience it was. I will be a better man in the future.

It was quite interesting to be the only man there. Tonight I went to the Orem Summerfest parade and wrote an article about patriotism. Right now, I’m falling asleep so this is my blog for today. Next week, I’ll write two blogs to make up . . . I promise.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Balloons in My Backyard!

By Keith Fisher

I started running as soon as my feet hit the floor this morning. I wanted to sleep in, but that became impossible when a hot air balloon floated past my bedroom window just below the treetops.

At first I thought it was in trouble, and I thought it was in my neighbor’s backyard. As it turned out, it was losing altitude, and gliding down the street behind my house. I muttered something and jumped out of bed. I dressed in a hurry, grabbed my camera and went outside.

The cool morning air felt nice as I rushed down the sidewalk in the direction the balloon had gone. It sat on the road at the end of the block with people holding the basket from slipping away. I stopped to snap a few pictures.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect landing. At the end of the block, the road turns with a house set at the apex, like in a culdesac. The Balloon had landed in the center of the road and the center of the intersection.

"What’s going on," I heard someone say.
"It’s someone’s birthday and this is a pick up," another person said.
"If that’s the case, it’s a pretty darn accurate landing," I said.

As I began to move closer for a better look, the people climbed into the basket. The operator pulled a cord and the burner flamed up with the sound of a blast of air. The balloon began to rise.
When it was just high enough to clear the tree tops, the aircraft drifted into another neighborhood, then another. We watched, wondering who had climbed into the basket? Who was having a birthday anyway?

I talked my neighbor into going with me, and we found the balloon three neighborhoods away, the passengers were holding the basket and walking the balloon into a vacant lot. I asked the pilot if he was having problems and he said he was fine, just looking for a place to fold up the balloon.

He said that it was an unusual morning. The places were wind normally blew were calm, and the places that were usually calm were windy. The pilot had to change his flight plan and find a different place to land because of the wind.

I live in a place where the canyon winds blow daily. It’s nice to cool off in the summer and it protects young plants from frost. But balloons don’t land there. I’m glad for unusual days. It gives me something else to write about. Hopefully, this one has given you something to think about too.

See the pictures I took Here

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.