Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

By Keith N Fisher

As we hurry along through our hectic daily lives, isn’t it nice to have a day to catch up? I don’t mean clearing off your desk, or even emptying your “in” basket. I’m talking about the pause the world takes at this time, each year.

I once saw an episode of a TV show called Fraggle Rock. It illustrates my point. The writers took the premise of the longest day of the year, (Winter solstice), and made the whole world shut down, on that day. Everyone, and everything gradually wound down, then reset, and the world was fresh and new again.

What you celebrate on December 25, doesn’t matter, or even if you celebrate at all. Isn’t it nice to have a day when the world shuts down? Well, mostly. I have to work this year, too.

Lately, I’ve been hearing people correcting others. They claim we should say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. It’s all in the interest of political correctness. I used to say happy holidays because the term encompassed all the special days at this time of year. Now, I’ve soured to it.

Okay, If I remove the “MC” words in favor of the “HH”, will I be offending those of us who have to work, and can’t take a holiday? The list of taboo words, in our society, continues to grow. I suppose the reason is, we don’t want to offend any special interest groups, and frankly, I can’t keep up with the changes. When it comes to Christmas, I’m more worried about offending Jesus than a special interest group.

Back in the sixties, when they made A Charlie Brown Christmas, there was a big fuss over the Christmas play portion of the show. The producers were concerned about delving into the baby Jesus, thing. I’m so glad, they let Linus narrate the true meaning of Christmas, aren’t you?

Now, there are many people, who would point out the pagan beginnings of the holiday, but as for me, Christmas is for remembering my Savior. It’s a chance to take a moment, take stock, and reset my life. It’s a bright spot during a season of drudgery and despair. Whether, you are Christian or not, giving gifts, singing songs, family gatherings, and even the feast can cleanse the soul.

Like Fraggle Rock, our world has one day a year, when it shuts down, resets, and continues.

As for being politically correct, may you come to grips with what ever you believe in, but try to show tolerance for others, and stop trying to force the rest of us to espouse your cause. I love Jesus and I can’t fathom how that would effect you at all. You can believe what you want, too. It’s call freedom. I will try to remember the preferred way you wish to be addressed, and you can call your holiday whatever you wish. Let me have my preferred names as well. I could say, have a lousy winter season, but I choose to wish you the best. May you have a Merry Christmas.

Good Luck with your writing—see you next week.

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