Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying to Make Sense out of Nonsense-Shooting off my Mouth

By Keith N Fisher

Recently, on another blog, I made the point that perhaps we should be careful what we write. I’ve said things in my life I should’ve kept to myself. I’ve written inflammatory words that came back to bite me. Often, I jump to conclusions when I should just keep quiet.

That being said, I’ve been following a news story to frustration. Without going into detail, I say, yes, punish the information abusers, but if the people on the list are really illegal immigrants, why are we not deporting them? Why is our government providing services to them? Perhaps we could approach the problem by billing the home governments of the Illegal immigrants.

The United States is having enough financial troubles without adding to it. Let’s send a collection agency armed with missiles to recoup our losses. Under our law, parents are often held responsible for their children’s actions. Why can’t we extend that thinking to include governments who do nothing to prevent illegal immigration to our country?

Perhaps the answer to all these questions is in the perception of power and the elect-ability of catering candidates. Now, I realize what I’ve said may be ill advised. Some of my friends might take offense, but I’m getting tired of this being an issue. There are thousands of wonderful people in this country who immigrated legally, from many different countries, and through the proper channels.

I extend my open arms to welcome them, but when I read about a police officer who lost her life at the hands of an illegal, It frustrates me. Especially when you consider the alien responsible had been deported before.

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