Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leaning into the Curves

A blog tour stop book review by Keith N Fisher

I saw this book for the first time on the bookstore table, at the LDStorymakers conference. I found Carroll Hofeling Morris later, and congratulated her on the new book. She asked me an off the wall question, “Did you read the title? What did it say?

Apparently, the subconscious mind interprets it as something to do with a learning curve. I had to admit my mind wanted to do it too, but the motorcycle on the cover straightened me out. The experience made me realize how important titles can be. Since then, I’ve concluded that, Leaning into the Curves is the most appropriate title.

It’s about a woman who enters a new phase of her life. Her husband’s retirement sends her into adjustment mode. Trying to make her own life fit into his new schedule while he tries to find his place in the world.

His purchase of a motorcycle and subsequent membership in the Temple Riders Association, teach her lessons about marital partnership and being a passenger on a motorcycle.

Like driving a racecar through high-banked curves, centrifugal force pulls you around with minimal effort. It’s the same thing when riding a motorcycle. You learn to lean into the curves. When you’re riding on the back, the driver is in control. The passenger’s first instinct is to lean away and that messes up the rhythm and could cause a wreck.

Therefore Leaning into the Curves is a most appropriate title. Often times, as a spouse, we must go against our instincts and learn to trust our sweetheart. We must lean into the curves of life with him/her.

Written by Nancy Anderson, and Carroll Hofeling Morris, Leaning into the Curves, is a good story and its easy to read. I also, liked it because I have a friend who owns several Harley Davidson motorcycles and is a member of the TRA. Then, again, maybe I liked it, because I’m fast approaching retirement.

While reading, I noticed several places the story could’ve ended. I wondered if the authors were stretching out their word count. Often, in writing a book we end up short on words to fill editorial requirements, but when I came to the last page, I realized the true ending was right where it needed to be for the whole story. The added parts were icing on the cake.

Published by Deseret Book, you will find your copy at their website, and the other, usual locations. Be sure to visit the author’s website at or their blog.


Carroll said...

Thanks for being part of the virtual book tour for Leaning into the Curves, Keith!

I had to chuckle when you mentioned you thought we might be stretching the book out to meet a word count. Usually we end up having to cut, cut, cut--and cut some more.

I'm so glad that you ended up feeling the "true ending was right where it needed to be."

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am wondering now why everyone else gets a comment from Carroll and I haven't. I hope she didn't hate my review.

I am with you 100% that the ending of this book was spot on.

I really really enjoyed this book and I am nowhere close to retirement.