Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Just Got Here

by Keith Fisher

When I was kid, and we visited my Grandparents, As soon as we'd get up to leave, Grandpa would say, "Leaving already? You just got here." It didn't matter if we'd been there all day, it was the same thing. Now that I'm getting older, and I enjoy visitors more than I did before, I've found myself saying the same thing. "Ah you just got here."

Of course in my family the objection if justified. It seems that people keep their coats on when they come to visit. Maybe I should clean better. Would it help if I bought new furniture?

I logged into this blog today, and noticed I lost a follower. I worried that it was something I said. I wanted to send an email and say, "Leaving already? You just got here." I couldn't send an email, however. Not only because its not cool, but because I'm not sure who it was.

I cherish each and every one of you. The followers of my blog are like validation to y wriing career. Comments are like mana from heaven.

So, let me take this moment to say thank you to my followers. If I run off at the mouth, or keyboard, so t speak, please let me know. Stick around though, I tend to ramble on until somethng good comes out.


Ann Best said...

I just commented on your To Kill A Mockingbird post. I found you tonight as I was browsing - through my friend M. Gray's blog The Ethos etc. (We're both getting a book published this year by WiDo.) Then I clicked into Day Dreamer and read your guest post there, then came here. Glad I found you. I intend to follow. I'm trying to connect with more bloggers from my roots. I grew up in Salt Lake City MANY years ago. I hope you'll come over to my blog and meet me too.

Cathy Witbeck said...

Keith, my father-in-law used to say, "Come again when you can't stay so long." He always said it with a grin, so he must have been joking, right.
In any event, I'm not going anywhere any time soon.

Mackay Memories said...

Hey, My grandpa said the same thing to me and my family. I can't wait to read one of your books. I am glad you are reading female fiction. That's my favorite genre to read.


Mackay Memories said...

Keith I meant writing female fiction. It's late and been a long day of work.

Keith Fisher said...

Yeah Karalee,

maybe its because we had the same Grandpa. I miss him, You too?

Mackay Memories said...

yup. I miss him too.

Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

You just got the lost follower replaced. I have been reading your writing for nearly two years on the LDS Writers Block and have enjoyed it all.