Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dealing with Changes

By Keith Fisher

My laptop decided to take a vacation. Not that it deserves one, it just decided to give me the blue screen of death every time I try to do something. I’m going to send it off to my friend Bill Justesen and have him get out the whip and chains, but for now, I downloaded my writing files (in safe mode) and I’ve resigned myself to sitting in my chair in front of my print server.

They say, change is inevitable, but I wonder if it was first said to equalize the playing field. You know. Someone noticed one guy is a really good cook. “Let’s make him an accountant, then he won’t be better then everyone else.”

Competition with others really is the way of life, but competition for time, when you are juggling activities, can be devastating.

I’ve been working a new job lately. After almost a year of unemployment, I’m grateful to have something. Anyway, I worked a stationary job for many years. Sitting in an office with a calculator and a computer. Now, I’m working a more physical job and it’s killing me.

(Do you hear the sad music playing?) The truth is, I’m getting back in shape, but I’ve been neglecting my writing. I come home too tired to check my E-mail. Let alone write a chapter. Now my laptop has taken a powder, so I must sit here to write.

I look out the window with longing to write on my front porch. Last night I took a first draft to critique group and realized how much things have changed in the past month. The irony is, I feel truly fulfilled when I let my characters dictate a story. Or, when I wax poetic in a blog or an article, but unfortunately I haven’t made enough money to justify making it my full time job.

So I sit here in the bedroom I call my office, sharing the space with my daughter. I hear the wailing sound of a weed whacker and remember all the yard work I need to do. I miss my laptop, but I’ve got blogs and chapters to write.

Well, that is my rant. Thanks for listening. Pray for my, no, don’t pray for that worthless laptop. It’s been like a wayward teenager all these years. Time to get out the paddle and force it to work for a living.


Mackay Memories said...

I love your writing. I hope the laptop starts to be obedient. You just have to show it whose the boss. Good luck Keith.

Nichole Giles said...

That just stinks! I know how it feels to have your laptop take a dive. Rotten thing. I'm glad you sent it to Bill. Tell him I'll let your laptop cut in front of mine in line. =)

It's hard to make those adjustments in life, even though I know you're glad to have a job. You're still in my prayers. Things are going to get better for you very soon.

Tristi Pinkston said...

So, your laptop and my tower have both been sent to military school. Here's hoping they don't sneak out at night together and smoke behind the chicken coop.