Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing, Au Naturel

By Keith Fisher

It’s not what you might be thinking. According to Dictionary.com the original definition from 1817 was a French term meaning uncooked. The definition we want is number 1, in a natural state.

Obviously, I used the title to get your attention, and I thought it would be cute.

I’m writing on my front porch with my laptop open on the bistro table, gazing at the world of spring flowers, green grass, and fruit tree blossoms. The buds on the hardwoods threaten to pop out at any moment, and black clouds are forming, as testament of the approaching storm. I’m writing in nature.

I love getting away from my desk to write. Sometimes it’s easier to think with my computer in a different position and my behind, in a different chair. Of all my favorite escapes, my front porch is one of the best. Especially, at this time of year. It’s wonderful to be part of the renewal of nature.

When I get stuck for a word, I can watch a bug cross the concrete and land in the flowerbed, on it’s way to far off regions. I can watch the cat frolic on the lawn, rolling around in its mock battle with a favorite bouncing ball.

All of these things renew my spirit as I contemplate the big picture of the story problem I happen to be working on. When I write in the library, I catch myself staring at people, while I’m contemplating my next sentence. Often, people stare back, probably wondering about my rudeness in staring at them. In nature, I can stare at the beauty and feel refreshed, and nature doesn’t stare back.

And now, here’s an update on my projects.

I finished my rewrite of The Hillside, and I’m gearing up for the final read through. With any luck and God’s blessings, I’ll be submitting it soon. The sequel is percolating, and a new another new story is forming. I need to consider the rewrite of My Brother’s Keeper, because I know what I need to change, and even after rejection, that story won’t let go of me.

I think I’ll be submitting more articles in the near future. I enjoyed the LDStorymakers conference and felt drawn to that medium.


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so excited for you to submit! (That way, when you get accepted, I'll finally get to read it!)

I didn't know you felt drawn to articles. But judging from your posts, I know you'd do a great job!

Rebecca said...

Reading this tempts me to take the laptop out on the deck in the warm sunshine.

It was really good to meet you last week!