Friday, February 19, 2010

Hope Floats

By Keith Fisher

I'm sorry for my procrastination. I have not kept up my blog. I don't have a dead authors society report today, because I've been mired in political science. Something has driven me to the research and study of many political parties and thought.

When I was younger, I studied history, and followed politics. In history, I found certain trends that continued to repeat themselves. In an effort to avoid those trends, I argued for, and against political policies and candidates. Some time ago, I became discouraged. It seemed society was too blind to see where they were headed, or they didn't care, being driven by their pride and greed.

I gave up on the quest to educate, or at least motivate, my fellow beings. I was but one voice in a crowded room of shouting people, everyone wanting to be heard.

As I said recently, I've been studying beliefs and my research reignited the flame. I wanted so badly for my friends to see what I see, so to speak. I felt like the character of John Adams in the movie, 1776. I wanted to sing the words, Does anybody see, what I see?

I had been sleeping, if you will, with eyes closed, apathetically hoping for a reprieve from repeating history, but there is a new kind propaganda preached today.

one of the results, was stated by Bill Moyer, a news commentator on PBS, ". . .we've also been robbed of memory, assaulted by what the Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz described as a "fantastic proliferation of mass media." We live in a time "characterized by a refusal to remember." Inconvenient facts simply disappear down the memory hole, as in George Orwell's novel, "1984.""

Another result is the refusal to see anything positive in government. There appears to be a group intent on destroying hope in our government, and in the Constitution, No matter who is in office. This group preaches gloom and doom, under the guise of God, family, and patriotism.

I've commented frequently on blogs and in other places about patriotism, and how many there were, who refused to stand with me, when the flag passed by in a parade. Then after 911 so many of them began to call patriotism into question.

Since my political rebirth, I've heard so much rhetoric that flys in the face of common knowledge. It's discouraging because I've seen the historical facts. Even recent historical facts. I'm left with a hole in my hope.

So I refuse to get involved in the debate. I choose to be a preacher of positves I choose to foster hope, put my political science books away, and write fiction. If you get discouraged, you are welcome to join me in my quest for hope. Let us all, refuse to criticize our leaders. Shun those who would preach gloom and doom. Hold onto our core values and don't let anyone call them into question. Just think. If there were enough of us, we could Conquer the world with positive hope.


L.T. Elliot said...

Hear! Hear! I'll stand with you and celebrate the positive!

C. K. Bryant said...

AMEN! I'm right there with ya Keith. I'm sick of all the negative talk about our leaders and our country. GREAT post.

elizabeth said...

Hey Keith! Thank you for following my blog...

I really feel your sense of nostalgia. It is very powerful and it shook me--no, slapped me awake...

I tend to become complacent in the world of politics and delve into the world of spirituality.

I feel like the Cat in the Hat when he balances dishes filled with milk on a broom stick, a fish bowl filled with water and fish, a plate with cake on his head while he runs on ball...

I've started for my Saturdays posts on my blog what is called out "speak out Saturdays". I will choose topics that are a bit controversial. Maybe.

Shame on me. I don't like causing ripples, I tend to blend in with others in the aspect of raising my voice and protesting.

I like to shine and share the light of love...

Am I bad for feeling that???

Nishant said...

I really feel your sense of nostalgia. It is very powerful and it shook me--no, slapped me awake...
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