Saturday, February 27, 2010

Redecorating Relearning, and Renaissance

By Keith Fisher
As promised, I stopped reading political science books, and I feel more relaxed. There is a lot of bliss in holding your tongue. As many of you know, I have an argumentative side, and I often talk too much, so, bliss is a new thing for me.

I’m reading three novels right now, one of them is for the Dead Authors society and I’ll be talking about it next time. I woke up this morning in shock. Realizing it’s Saturday, I wondered where the week went. On facebook the other day, I mentioned I was re-learning HTML, and trying to decipher CSS and XML. I was surprised to find my mind doesn’t concentrate like it did in the past.

Concentration hurts. I spent long hours in experimentation and went to bed each night with a headache. You may wonder why I’m putting myself through this, and I’m wondering too. I guess it’s a little pride. Back in the day, I put one of the first websites on the Internet. Well, that’s not saying much, because there seemed to be a billion pop up overnight.

I learned the hard way, through trial and error. When I got serious about writing I built my author's’ website from scratch. Now, there are drag and drop features at build your own places on the net. My friend used one of them, and it looks pretty good. I looked at mine and wondered if it looked immature.

There were always things I wanted to do with my website but could never figure out how. In those days the developers weren’t very forthcoming with secrets. But I built a site for the Greater Wasatch Dutch Oven Society and many people said nice things, but today, that site would look infantile.

Well, to make a long story short, I began to capture code. One thing led to another and I’m almost finished with my new website. I’m incorporating things I only dreamed of in the past. It’s just plain Jane, especially if you look at these two sites, (this one and this one), but I think it looks professional and I can say I understand the functions.

I started with a template and changed most everything. I’m still working on the languages and scripts, (hard to teach old dogs, you know). There are many sophisticated places on the net, even more so, than the ones above, but I’m figuring it out.

As a writer, I need a place to sell books, disburse information, and invite editors to learn more about my writing. I think I’m getting there. What do you think?

If you need a promotional website, there are many places to turn. As for content, Linda Formichelli wrote an article in the October 2008 Writer’s Digest, titled, the Anatomy of a Writer's Website. You can find it on the web, or in your public library. At least they have it in mine.

Leave comments and tell me which homepage you like best, and keep an eye out for the launch. My domain is or you can link to it on the left.


L.T. Elliot said...

I liked your old site but I have to say that your new one looks pretty snazzy. Way to go, Keith!

Keith Fisher said...

Thanks L.T. Wow I was still editing and you posted. thanks for commenting.

elizabeth mueller said...

The old site looks homey and comfy. The new one looks professional and serious. I like both. Sorry if I am no help, Keith!

Tristi said...

I like the new one. It's more professional.

Nishant said...

looks pretty
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