Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Kick in the Behind

By Keith N Fisher

When I started this blog, I intended to use it to promote my writing career. It got derailed somewhere and I’ve neglected it, and you. With the excitement and promise of getting my cookbook published I resurrected my camp cooking blog. Now it’s time to get this one back on track.

I am a writer, and I want to be successful. Like everyone, I get discouraged. So, I gave myself a kick, with goals to move on. I’m waiting to hear from a publisher about The Hillside. If it gets rejected, I’m going to rewrite certain parts and make it national market. I will be shopping that book, along with others.

I’ll still write in the LDS market, but most of my effort will be National. I need to start socializing with agents at conferences and get my name out there. I need to change my business cards that say, (Writer of LDS Fiction) because that is limiting. I’m making a list to help me move forward.

I just received my Star Crossed manuscript back from a proofreader and I think I’ll make it national. Anybody interested in a book about a woman who gets driven apart from her lover as a teenager, struggles with alcoholism, divorce, abandonment, Goes through detoxification. Then, she meets her former boyfriend and discovers that, unbeknownst to her, his daughter plans to marry her son. He’s a minister and he’s married. Sparks fly when her feelings flare up, and she tries to seduce him.

How about a book about a man who, after suffering devastating losses on his farm, leaves his family and goes West during the California gold rush? The relationship he never intended to happen leads him into unusual places, and he ends up broke, homeless, and unloved. That’s when he runs into an old adversary who wants revenge. All that Glitters is one of the only books I’m writing with a male main character.

There are many books in my project file and they will delight every reader. There are even more bouncing in my head.


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