Saturday, March 3, 2012

Old Style of Writing---New Technology

By Keith N Fisher

I’ve been watching both trilogies of Star Wars lately. Although the light saber scenes in 1977 left a lot to be desired, I’m still impressed with the plot lines throughout. I found myself wishing for another trilogy. I want Luke to go to Coruscant, the city planet with its name restored, now that the emperor is dead.

While there, he goes to the ruined Jedi temple and learns of the Jedi ways from the computer. Luke then, begins to rebuild the order and re-establishes the council. Wouldn’t it be fun to bring back Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher?

There have been books written that deal with the premise, which brings me to the point of sticking to a style. Many people write what is called fan fiction. They continue a story, or write a whole new one based on a popular movie. Many of those writers also run into the problem of non-conducive story lines. In their arrogance, they write stories that change facts already established. Diehard fans don’t appreciate that.

Also, keep in mind that many original writers discourage fan fiction. Some threaten to sue. I started writing a story based on a comic strip once, and quit because of the unyielding attitude of the dead author’s estate. I suppose, if I wait long enough, it will be in public domain.

Don’t fall into the trap and begin to think the story is yours. Be careful, do your research, and stick with the manual of what has come before. If you write a Star Wars story, and if it’s good enough, maybe George Lucus will use it in the next trilogy.

Last week I wrote about the Inklings literary group and talked about my own critique group. There is nothing like having people to talk with about your struggles. A good critique group will offer support, not just writing help. They will help you keep going, even when you doubt your ability to write a shopping list.

In my group this week, one of the members couldn’t get away, so we set her up on Skype and she participated from home. Of course we had to email our chapters to her so she could follow along, but what a world we live in. Writing has evolved from drawing on cave walls, to words on paper, to pixels on a computer screen. Now, just like the Jedi in the image (above), we can be somewhere without actually being there.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

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