Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Mouth Runneth Over

Okay, I know I shouldn't get political, but I have a couple questions. Why is it okay for Regan to triple the national debt spending money on the economy? Why was it okay for George W Bush to authorize a free money giveaway in order to get the economy moving? Why was it okay to spend money on the economy, but its not okay for FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, and Obama to do it?

No one wants to admit it, but the world has been in a depression since the the GW Bush administration brought the ecomony to its knees. Historically, we have thrown money at it, in order to stimulate the economy. It's what Nixon did, its what Regan did. Carter cut government spending and he got blamed for the national debt that Regan promptly tripled.

People, this country was founded on debt. We borrowed money to finance the revolution. We have been in debt from the beginning. Its nothing new. Do you remember the big counters in New York in the seventies and eighties? they counted our debt and displayed each citizen's share.

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