Friday, July 8, 2011

Blank Slate

A book review by Keith N Fisher

Blank Slate, by Heather Justesen, is a story ripped from the headlines. How would it be to suddenly wake up living somebody else’s life? Then to be accused of fraudulently deceiving those you’ve grown to love?

I was scheduled to review this book on Thursday, but with all of the drama that is life I failed. If you’ve been riding the blog tour bus. I’m sorry this stop bogged you down.

When I was asked to contribute my fifty cents about Heather Justesen’s new book, Blank Slate. I gladly accepted. Heather is not only my friend, but also, a mentor. Her writing abilities constantly impress me. She has taken a real life incident and expanded the possibilities.

“What a lovely song,” Adrianna tried to redirect him as she slid from his embrace. “Is it classical?” She was still trying to figure out which songs fit into which musical style.

He released her as if he’d been burned and looked her in the eye. “This is Giovanni Garieli, the Italian Renaissance composer, and the song isn’t simply lovely He threw his hands up and turned from her, taking two steps away, then flipped back around to face her. “Who are you? I swear you got a total personality transplant in that accident. You won’t kiss me. You refuse to even try playing the piano. You can suddenly spell words I didn’t think you’d ever heard before. And worst, you know absolutely nothing about music—music that was your entire life before the accident.”

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but it’s obvious to most readers what has happened, but you don’t mind. Heather weaves a tail of intrigue wondering when the mistaken identity will be revealed.

This book should be a must read on your list of new releases for the season. You can find a copy at the following links:

Smashwords version
The author's website

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