Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kite, A Novel in Earth's Orbit

A blog tour book review by Keith N Fisher

Imagine if you will, we are in an exotic place and we get on a tour bus. Each time that bus stops, we see another fascinating site and hear another interesting story. Every site is designed to impress and give us the experience we’ve paid for.

Like the tour in exotic places, My blog is another stop on a book tour for Kite, A Novel in Earth Orbit. I hope you’ve been enjoying this blog tour, and learned more about Kite at each one. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read and write about the book.

Imagine you step from the bus, pick up your complimentary bag of Hershey’s Drops, and the free cup of hot chocolate. I have some caramel mocha for those who want it. Now sit right there in the lounge and I’ll tell you about the book. It will take only a moment.

It’s the old inquiry of the information age. What would happen if our computers became self-aware? This intriguing question is answered, along with a terrorist plot, in the newly released novel, Kite, written by Bill Shears.

The premise of the story is a good one, and speaks to the curiosity of a future world. When virtual personalities have become part of our lives. When space junk has become enough of a problem for the government to send a manned vehicle up there to fix the orbits of abandoned space equipment.

Into this future world, come the terrorist activities of self-interest. What has been affecting the cyber world of technology?

With all things considered, I liked the premise of the story, but I think the book could’ve used the services of an editor. It seems the manuscript was rushed to publication and should’ve been examined further.

Still, with that being said, you might like reading this novel because of the premise. It’s a fresh approach and the characters are drawn well.

You can find a copy of Kite here You can learn more about the author here

I hope you’ve enjoyed this stop and the chocolate. Thank you for coming. Have a safe trip going to your next stop on the tour.

Yes I Recieved a free copy of the book, But that didn't change my opinion of it. I call 'em as I see 'em.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for your review! It is fun reading different opinions. I reviewed this book as well, and I thought it was well-edited--and I'm pretty tough on reviewing a book when it comes to editing. I'm curious as to what parts made it feel rushed to publication? KiTE had the typical sci-fi feel to me. Though discussion here could give too much away, I'm thinking.

Here's where it would be really fun to have a book club so we could discuss this work in depth! Alas, if I only didn't live in the Midwest!

Nisa said...

The chocolate is always appreciated and the tour was fantastic. I haven't heard of this book, but I'm definitely want to read it now. Thanks! :)

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Impressive list.