Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It All Started with Autumn Jones

A book Review by Keith N Fisher

I couldn’t put it down. When I received my advanced reader’s copy as a door prize, I hadn’t intended to read it, let alone blog about it. I glanced over the first page, however, and became intrigued.

The novel, written by Jack Weyland, is the latest in a long list of his work. It’s the story of a young couple who became friends trying to stump a dictatorial professor in college. They are concerned that his beliefs about God and the origin of man will poison the other students. Being returned Mormon missionaries, themselves, they find they must stand up for their own beliefs.

I realize my copy is an uncorrected proof of the book, but I found a few plot holes, and the similarities to Love Story don’t stop with her calling him Preppy. Still, I enjoyed the book and recommend it to readers who want a clean love story, with good values.

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L.T. Elliot said...

I grew up on Jack Weyland's books. Glad to hear it met with your approval. I'll have to see it when it hits shelves!