Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are You Going?

By Keith N Fisher

In my critique group this week, we spent the first little while chatting about personal things and the subject turned to our characters. We talked about how they won’t leave us alone. They keep revealing parts of the story, driving us crazy with suggestions.

As this kind of conversation usually does, it sounded like an encounter group of patients talking about the voices in their heads. Sitting across the room, the husband of one of our partner’s, listened with great joy and mentioned our neurosis.

Then, he added how interesting it was that we all knew who each other was talking about. We have an intimate knowledge of the people in each other’s heads.

The experience got me thinking about the number of characters we’ve discussed over time in our group. We lived with them, we laughed with them, and we cried with them. Sometimes, we’ve died with them. Over the course of it, I’ve learned a lot from the way my partners write, and the ways they relate to the voices in their head. Moreover, I’ve grown close to my partners as I draw strength from them.

Recently I wrote about the need we all have for interaction with other writers. If for nothing else, then to discover a connection with other people who are like us.

Last year, I received an invitation to attend The Book Academy. It’s a writer’s conference sponsored by Utah Valley University and it’ll be held on Sept 30 this year. In critique group, I discovered none of them could make it. I’ll be alone. So, if you see me, stop by and say hi. I’ll be absorbing the atmosphere, the camaraderie of other people with voices in their head.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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