Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Morning Breaks

By Keith N Fisher

Hymn number 1 in the LDS hymnbook has a very soothing first line.

The morning breaks, the shadows flee.

I was sitting on my front porch this morning, thinking about all the problems in the world. There is much to worry about, if you’re in a mind to worry. I have a friend who worries to the point of being fearful. Many of the extreme right wing talk show hosts are turning rabid in their hatred. People are losing their jobs and prices are going up.

But as I sat on my porch, I glanced at a blue pansy flower while the whole world waited in great expectation for the advent of the sun. As I gazed at the pansy, the sun came up and light beamed through the branches of the weeping birch tree. One of those beams hit my pansy and briefly illuminated it, and all its glory.

I thought of the first line of the hymn and realized there is hope. Seconds later, the sun shifted, and the beam faded. The flowerbed was plunged into shadows, but other elements of my garden were highlighted.

Most children live in a world of innocent bliss. Unless it’s pointed out to them, they really have no idea about the problems in the world. Current events consist of who’s it in hide-n-go seek. They talk about the great catch Billy made in the vacant lot football game.

For one brief moment, this morning, I watched the sunlight dance on one of God’s creations and the flower was beautiful. I felt like a child. I didn’t care what was happening outside of my front yard. Then I returned to my supposed adult world and went on my way.

I know things will work out in the end. Our problems could disappear if we could only look past our selfish need to be right. Battle lines have been drawn. Many good folks have given in to the, My way or the highway mantra. Remember the time when the only argument was whether Johnny tagged Jimmy at home plate or not? When Jane spilled the juice, but Mary got blamed for it?

I’m not suggesting we all stick our head in the sand. We can’t escape our problems in a game of kick the can. We can, however, stop taking ourselves so seriously that we can’t recognize the right of others to express their opinions, too. We could stop spreading our disconcerting propaganda and start believing in our ability to work together.

In life, there will always be beautiful moments. The morning does break and shadows do flee, but we must be ready and looking for it.