Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Frilly Awards

By Keith Fisher

Ain’t it pretty? It’s a tag that tells me I’ve got a good blog. Well, it’s really just another self-promotion plan. The idea, when presenting the award, is to get the receiver to link back to your blog and call attention to more bloggers of their acquaintance. Then your network is increased and refreshed.

My friend, Kimberly Job, tagged me for this one, and I’m very grateful. She mentioned the frilly nature of the award and that I was the only man on her list, but I love getting mentioned.

As you know, I’m a writer of LDS fiction. When you work in the LDS market, or any market for that matter, you notice a preponderance of women versus men who also write. I suspect the ratio is greater in the LDS market, however.

It makes things like awards significantly feminine, but I don’t mind. Being the only man on the list makes me stand out and that can be good also, but when someone checks out my list of friends on Facebook, they might notice I have more women friends than men. What they don’t see, is my sub directory of friends. I divided them up into family, Dutch Oven cooks, high school acquaintances, close friends, other friends, and writers.

The writer’s list is significantly larger than the others, because I use Facebook to promote my writing career, and I include publishers and media types in the list. Of course the number of women, versus men is indicative.

So when I get noticed, and awarded a frilly tag, I’m grateful. When I get included in the girl talk at conferences I am honored. When I become the male prospective in critique group, I am elated. It means I’m succeeding in my promotional efforts, and I might be the successful writer I want to be, someday. It also means I can help romance writers get a grip on reality when they paint a picture of the hero in their books.

I don’t know who has already been mentioned on other blogs, so I will break the rules and only list a few. Thank you, Kim, for the mention.
See they are all women :)


L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on your award. I'm happy for you! Even if you are a boy. ;)

Cindy (C.L.) Beck said...

Congrats on your frilly award! And I never even thought about the link back aspect, so I'm glad you brought that up. Anything to help those ol' search engines find us! :)