Sunday, October 7, 2007

Writing life’s Experiences

By Keith Fisher

I’ve been camping in the rain and snow this week, listening to conference on the radio, and being with my family. In other words taking the day off, (If you believe that, I have some waterfront property for you to buy.) Anyway, I decided that since Tristi Pinkston tagged me for another Meme, I would take advantage of it and fill in my responses.

However, over the course of the weekend I didn’t get the challenge completed so I will curtail it until next week. Let’s just say the weekend hasn’t been going well.

I was to be camp cook for my family’s Elk hunt, but I ran into adversity and I wasn’t able to relax the way I wanted to. Cooking in snowstorms has never been a problem for me, but dealing with a petty demagogue who has a Napoleon complex is.

I realize I have left what happened to your imaginations. Suffice it to say that, Power, even perceived power, can corrupt the nicest campground host.

I also realized that it must be hard for some writers, to write certain scenes. Having no experience with some situations, we are left with our imaginations and the depictions of the media.

But on the other hand, we are sometimes better off to interview others, and read about experiences in order to get our descriptions correct. Perhaps it is better to leave Hemingway’s invitation to glory unheeded. Get out there an experience life but be careful opening pretty boxes, you never know what might be inside.

Good luck with your writing and see you next week.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Petty people make great book characters -- take out your frustrations by writing him up as a character! (Evil laugh)

I'm sorry the weekend wasn't relaxing for you. It's too bad there are people who like to ruin things for everyone.

Keith Fisher said...

Thanks for the support. I'm just beginning to recover. Now we are gearing up to have a yard sale on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. No rest for the . . . Well anyway, thanks.