Saturday, March 17, 2007

I’m Sorry Teacher but My Dog Ate my Homework

By Keith Fisher

Okay I didn’t finish part two of the two-part blog. I was caught napping (I mean editing) when something, (Cooking Dutch oven for the whole Fourth Grade), sneaked up from behind and hit me on the head.

Then I was roped into Judging at a Dutch oven cook off, I gave a talk in Church, and I still haven’t prepared my lesson for Priesthood meeting.

Starting Monday, (afternoon, because I work Sunday night at eleven and I’ll be sleeping Monday Morning). I have to get myself organized for the LDStorymakers conference. I was foolish enough to say I’d help with the Mix & Mingle. So, part two may not get posted next week either. (I’ll probably be writing about some totally sage thing someone says at the conference).

Through all of this, I finished another novel, (Now I’m napping, I mean editing.) It’s going to be terrific. If you read it, you will cry. It is the story of twin brothers who . . . well I don’t want to give anything away until I get it re-written. Perhaps I’ll have a stack of volunteer readers by then.

You know, not that I’m Rambling, but during the time period above, I made copies of Eternal Tapestries, (you know the cover I put on this blog?) Anyway, I gave those copies to the ward RS book club and I’m on pins and needles, waiting to hear what they think.

I hope you’re waiting with baited breath for the second part of the other blog. It may get hairy. Well, not really, but I got your attention didn’t I?

It’s Saturday night and I know you have been wondering why I didn’t post early this morning. (See above). I am excited about the conference coming up and I hope to see you there. Look for me, I’ll be the guy with the Dutch oven burn on his arm. I felt like a newbie with a Dutch oven, but that’s another story. Good luck and good writing.

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