Saturday, July 1, 2006

Midnight Editors

By Keith Fisher

I wish I were the kind of editor that I am in my sleep. Sounds strange don’t it? Read on. About two days ago I went to bed after editing 20 pages of my manuscript. I was so full of it. You might say I had red ink running out of my ears. I rolled into bed about 1 or 2 AM (It’s like the difference between 95 degrees and 100, when you get to that point, who cares how hot it is). Anyway, I had no trouble falling asleep since I was tired and thinking of my character at the time.

At that point I’m a little fuzzy on the details as you might well imagine. Life gets pretty unclear at 3 AM or so (as I said, 3 or 4, who cares). I was talking to someone and corrected my syntax. Do you think that is strange? I think not. After all I don’t want an editor marking up my dreams with a red pen.

Now before you think I’m crazy, you should know, I woke right up and started a debate with myself. Should it be worded this way or should it be the other way? I got up to go to the bathroom (an older person’s thing) and I continued the debate. When I came back to bed I had it all worked out. I was satisfied that I had saved a bunch of red ink and the time of an editor. I was able to fall asleep again knowing that the world was safe.

With all that debate, you would think that it was one of the hardest words of all time wouldn’t you? A word like snuck versus sneaked or how do you spell tomato? Well . . . I like to think it was one of the mysterious words, but the truth is . . . I don’t remember the word . . . I was asleep at the time.

Have you ever corrected the grammar of a newscaster as they spoke? What about the scriptures? Are you plagued with midnight editing? If you have any of these symptoms don’t worry. It means you’re a writer, you’re getting better at the craft, and unless you start correcting your spouse’s speech, then you’ll be OK.

Just be careful and don’t let anyone see you arguing with yourself. It would not be good. When you are a published author, look me up. I will be staying in this spacious white room with soft walls, soft everything. (Smile)
I’m really not crazy I’m a writer. (Smile)

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